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Douchebag Workout 2 Hacked

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Game “Douchebag Workout 2 Hacked” is a continuation of the first part of an exciting game, which is a simulation of lifetime situations. Take on the role of a young man who, thanks to his appearance, is considered an absolute failure. Your task is to spend enough time in the gym and upgrade your character to a playboy, want of every beautiful woman.

Very funny and addictive flash game. Help Lanky loser become a man. So the first thing is to take him the gym, then you need to buy a ticket and go for fitness equipment that will help him create a new body. The guy is not very popular, and needs a lot of work to create the body of his dreams. You select the group of muscles that he has to train. Choose a proper diet for our hero and make sure, that he has not become fatter. For training you are given one point, for successful communication with the girl two points. You can save up points, to buy food and different opportunities later. Bu if you do not have enough money, you can call your father and ask him for money for your leveling. The game gives you an excellent opportunity to turn the skin and bones of your character in real muscles. Just do not forget to follow the diet and do not abuse steroids. With the right approach to the choice of exercises and diet you will be able to build muscles without any harm. You have a big variety of exercise equipment in the arsenal, required weight training for each muscle group, nutrition program, good and bad food,sports nutrition store if you want to pump up quickly, mall shopping possibility, where you can buy glasses, new stylish clothes, insert an earring in your ear, and solarium. Watch the scale of energy and health, follow them and do not get killed by training. Top right shows the level of your elf, and how many points left to the next one. Your fighter gradually significantly grows his muscle mass, increasing it from level to level. So you will have to sweat pretty much in pursuit of a dream. “Douchebag Workout 2 Hacked” same tells us about the hard way of a bodybuilder from the bottom. Your character is a weak youngster who barely moves. Do you think he wants to get the body of his dreams? Then do not waste his time and get him to the gym. Here he will be able to pump up muscles and finally gain incredible popularity with the opposite sex. The game is very simple but very addictive. See how the body of your character changes on your eyes, do simple exercises and achieve goals.

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